Posted by: aliaskaadventures | August 31, 2012


I got to go fishing! The Erbeldings are teachers who have been here for six years, and they have a great boat. It’s a good size for fishing, and they can even make trips to Ketchikan and back without having to rely on the ferry–in good weather, at least.

Anyway, Rob Erbelding was taking the boat out to fish for Coho, and I got invited to go. Unfortunately, it was a slow afternoon and hardly anything bit, but it was still really fun! TJ, the athletic director, got a bite on his pole and let me reel it in. It was really exciting, but it spit the hook out just as it surfaced. I was devastated!

But we did see two humpback whales. And we dragged in a kelp crab on a bunch of seaweed that accumulated on the line.

I hope we get to go fishing again soon–and catch something! I’m already all prepared with my Food Saver and deep freezer set up. Let’s fill thatsucker up with salmon!



  1. Ali, you don’t know me but I am finding your insights very rewarding. I have been in a conversation about a position in Metlakatla since August. Having never heard of the place before, I googled it and found your blog (just started the day prior to my search fortunately for me and I have been checking almost every day since). Your words and photos help ease some of the anxiety for an extreme move (I would be coming from North Carolina/Tennessee). I would love to get more of your perspective about the town, its people and culture through an email. And keep up the writing as you truly never know how much your words typed off a small remote island can impact others so far away. Plus, as a former cross country/track runner back in the day, run them hard! 🙂


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