Posted by: aliaskaadventures | October 27, 2012


I’ve been in Oregon for business stuff. Kristin and I went to Word Round Up! in Pendleton and fought crazy high winds and rain the whole drive home. Finally, we arrive in Portland and I drop Kristin off and then notice that Tim has left me a voicemail. I soon find out that there is a tsunami warning in Alaska. Tim is in Ketchikan, but Henry (our dog) is at Beth’s house on the island. Metlakatla has been evacuated. Panicky, I rush home and turn on the Portland news but find nothing. I find a website with updates and obsessively click refresh. Finally, it tells me a four-inch wave was measured in Craig, which means Met’s wave was probably about an inch.

On a side note, how is a four-inch tsunami wave even measured? How do they know it’s not just a whale splashing around?


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