Posted by: aliaskaadventures | December 16, 2012

Go Miss Chiefs!


Tim’s girls basketball team has had four games in the last four days. Phew! The first two were at home against Prince Rupert. It was my first time keeping the official scorebook, and I was nervous. Then the ref came up and asked me, “Who’s singing the anthem? Which anthem are we singing? American? Canadian?” That had never crossed my mind before! The girls won both those games, and everyone played well.

The next two games were in Ketchikan against the Kayhi JV team. Wow, that team has got a press that flustered our girls at first. Once they learned how to break through it, though, they did great. They were down by fourteen at the end of the third quarter and came back to lose by only one point 51-50. Intense!

In the second game, they led for well over half the game. It was so exciting! The end of the game didn’t go as well as we’d hoped. Ketchikan stole the lead in the last seven seconds, 37-36.

These girls are so great. We have eleven on the team, and they are cheerful and friendly. They can sleep anywhere as log as they have a blanket and a pillow buddy. They don’t carry grudges between the classes. They hold their heads high. Last night, on our way back to the school after dinner, they all sang Taylor Swift’s “Never Getting Back Together,” all hooting horribly out of tune and then giggling. I wanted to scoop them all up into one big hug right then.

20121216-111908.jpgWe’re headed home on the ferry right now, and it’s snowing sideways (well, it was when I wrote that, not anymore when I took the picture!). I’m glad we can sit inside. I’m amazed there aren’t big waves making it a rough ride. The girls are either sleeping or working on homework.

Our next games are right after Christmas, the Clark Cochrane Tournament again in Ketchikan. I guess it’s a pretty big deal with a lot of schools. It should be fun!


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